Colonia del Sacramento

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in Uruguay

We arrived in Colonia late afternoon and dropped our belongings in the hostel. Strolling around the small town we fell in love with this beautiful, old, colonial place. The Barrio Històrico with its Parks - Plaza Mayor del 25 de Mayo and the Plaza de Armas Manuel Lobo - was still connected with old cobble stones. The old Basilica del Santìsimo Sacramento was situated next to a bar with old cars. One of the car’s interior was changed into a dinner table and the other was full of flowers and plants.

We passed the Lighthouse and the four Bastiòn (forts) and went inside the Bastiòn del Carmen with its big chimney. You can stroll around the waterfront forever and the Plazas have cute cafes which reminds me of Italy and Spain. The evening light was magnificent and the sun seamed to burn. Unfortunately we couldn’t get this on a picture since we glimpsed the stunning sunset between the old houses.

This little town was just perfect to take pictures and all the old houses and forts where evidence of the struggle between Spain and Portugal in the 19th Century to win this strategical place at the Rio de la Plata.

The next evening we were prepared for the sunset and even if it was magical the sun wasn’t bleeding like the day before. But still, we took some stunning pictures.

Early morning we took the ferry over the Rio de la Plata to Buenos Aires. The express ferry just takes an hour and we will be ready to explore Argentina.

Accommodation: El Viajero Hostel, W. Barbot 164, Colonia

Price:URU 390 p.P., 8 bed dorm, integrated bathroom, incl. breakfast

Comment: super clean and well organized hostel. One of the best we have seen in Central and South    
                 America. They have several hostels in Uruguay, Paraguay and Columbia