Cartagena de Indias

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in Colombia

After a one hour flight we arrived Columbia and already at the airport we got a hearty welcome from the border control. We hopped on the bus and drove into the city. The suburbs were pretty shabby but the closer we got to the center, the nicer the city became.

Cartagena has a stunning old town and we were so impressed that we walked for hours through the sizzling sun and couldn’t stop to take pictures. With old ships in the harbor the view from the wall seemed to be like a time warp. The Columbian people are so hearty and friendly, we were overwhelmed.

This Caribbean city was founded in 1533 and was one of the first Spanish cities in the New World. With its colorful, beautiful houses and narrow roads, bougainvillea hanging from their wooden balconies. It was just fantastic and a must see in Cartagena.

Back in the hostel we prepared our food and shared stories with an Argentinian and French guy we have met before at the bus station. The hostel Media Luna was pretty booked out and with 160 beds the common area was pretty packed during the day. We were surprised that it was really quite during the night. They offered a roof top cinema and we enjoyed having a relaxed evening with an interesting movie – Her, with Joaquin Phoenix.

We almost stayed another day but we really have to keep on going so we organized a shuttle to Santa Marta for the next morning.

 Accommodation: Media Luna Hostal, Cartagena

Price: COP 30 000 per person, 6 bed dorm, shared bathroom, WiFi, kitchen, pool, TV room

Comment: with 160 beds it is quite big and crowded at the pool area. Still it is quite during the night