Bula Fiji

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in Fiji

Ready for Fiji time. We organized a package which included 6 islands. So this was the plan:

-         Bounty Island

-         Naqualia Lodge

-         Korovou

-         Coral View

-         Manta Ray

-         Beachcomber

We got welcomed at the islands with music and a loud Bula. The Fijian people are so friendly and always smiling.

While diving and snorkeling we found beautiful reefs full with small reef fish. Luckily our timing was right for the manta rays. So we had a fantastic snorkeling experience with those beautiful 4.5 m creatures. Sometimes they came so close they were almost touching. Just in time they were gliding underneath you.

While diving we saw tiger, bull and lemon sharks also about 4.5 m long. Those big sharks were just majestic to watch and on another dive we had luck to see a big eagle ray. But 8 dives were enough. With most of the big fish gone, the reefs are beautiful but consists mainly of small reef fish.

Fantastic beaches and beautiful island – that was Fiji. We should have skipped Beachcomber though. Well known as the party island the loud techno music was not really Fiji time. So we hopped on a sailing boat and fled towards the island where they had filmed Castaway with Tom Hanks.

Just one day before our flight to Los Angeles we received an urgent message from Nicole, my sister. Something was wrong with my travel documents.

Last year my passport got stolen – in Germany. Since my flight was still booked with the old passport number, Homeland Security Los Angeles contacted the BKA (German police). There is a person entering the USA on the 23rd August with a stolen passport and they will put her into custody.

This might get interesting – more details out of custody.

Vinaka Fiji!