Tikal, massive Maya Ruins in a lush jungle

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in Guatemala


We finally had to say goodbye after 5 weeks in San Pedro, Lake Atitlan. Our Guatemalan family was so sad, Helene even cried. They gave us self-made honey, the one we really loved so much and didn’t want to let us go. We didn’t want to go and we will miss them! 

But it was time to continue our trip into the north and we took a shuttle to Guatemala City. There was a massive accident in Antigua so we arrived late and our night bus already left. 

So we had to take another one and had to wait for an hour. In the bus we tried to get comfortable and catch some sleep but at 1:30 am the road was suddenly closed. Hundreds of trucks and cars were parked on the side of the road. Luckily our bus driver decided to turn around and find another route.

At 8:40 am we arrived in Santa Elena where we hopped in a TukTuk and drove to Flores. On the little Island at the lake Peten Itza we found a nice Hostel and enjoyed a British breakfast with eggs, bacon and sausages, yummy. 

Early morning we admired Tikal’s massive ruins set in the lush jungle. Followed by the cries of the howler monkeys and parrots we explored as much as we could. That was real jungle blues. 

Only a tenth is excavated the rest still lies under heavy vegetation. We loved the Toucan with its bright yellow and big beaks and where happy that the sun wasn’t as merciless as the day before. In the evening we relaxed at the hostel before we are heading to Belize. 

We are easy to satisfy - give us a hammock and we are happy. 

Accommodation: Los Amigos, Calle Central, Flores,

Price: GTQ 130 double room, shared bathroom  

Comment: not enough bathrooms for all those backpackers but a comfortable
                 garden area with hammocks and poolbillard. Great food and well
                organized tours.