São Paulo - a gigantic city

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in Brazil

We touched ground in the middle of this gigantic metropolitan of São Paulo. With a population of 20 million the city is bigger than our state Nordrhein-Westfalen. Daniel picked us up and drove us to our accommodation. The family is so cute, they converted their office and we had a whole apartment for ourselves. How awesome is this?

The whole family adopted us from the spot and it felt so good. They were feeding us the best food in gigantic portions and we also were so excited to have an own room and bathroom. What a nice change not to sleep in a dorm and share the bathroom. Are we in heaven?

We watched the football games of Germany with Daniel and Camile in the Goethe-Institut. Not only had they plenty of viewing areas, they also offered Weißbier, Weißwurst, Brezel und Currywurst – real German beer and food. You can’t understand how you long for these kind of things if you haven’t had it in a while.

The downdraft was the awfully long waiting time. Michael missed 3 goals between Germany and Brazil while he waited in line. After the first goal from Germany he wanted to get some beer since he didn’t return I went checking on him. So we swopped places and it took me up to the playing minute 43 – a total of 32 minutes - to get back with 5 beers. But not the German Weißbier. This would have taken me another 20 minutes, so forget about it. We came here to watch the games and not to wait in line.

It seems that they don’t want to make profit. Well, even if it says Goethe-Institut, this wasn’t German organized, this was a chaos and the worst I have ever seen. Well let’s get back to football. Did the Germans really goal 7 times? A lot of people thought we are watching a repetition but when the number on the screen changed, everyone was going wild. Even the Brazilian Fans started cheering for the Germans now.

After diverse TV and Newspaper Interviews we enjoyed the German victories. Check out yourself:

And if you check out this one, scroll down to July 9th. Didier wrote a little article about us. We met him in Recife:

We didn’t miss out on the sightseeing part of São Paulo and even with all her work, Camile found time to show us the town. Daniel was busy studying Portuguese in the morning and joined us for the afternoons. Once we were here for football we had to see the Football Museum. And it was worth it. So in case you happen to be in São Paulo, check it out.

Since we lacked behind with our reports we updated our website and also had some newspaper reports to do. The German Newspaper Rundschau Rhein-Sieg-Kreis published four articles during the World Cup about us. How cool is this?

One evening we went out with Camile, Daniel and friends to have some real Brazilian dinner. And the food was fantastic but the desert from Camiles friend was just mind blowing. I guess more for the girls than for the guys. Well, more for us.

Camiles Mom was so much fun. She was so nice to drive us around for Michael’s glasses, since he needed new ones and she even drove me to the hair dresser. Let’s get a new hair style since the Germans will win the fourth star. I just know it.

Every new beginning has an end and just on my birthday we were heading south to Porto Alegre. But not without a proper birthday cake, baked from Camiles grandma. How amazing is this? We don’t want to leave! Thank you so much for this special time with you. We had a great experience with Daniel, Camile, Ariston, Luzimar & Co. Hope we will see each other again.