Festa Farroupilha, the festival of the Gauchos

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in Brazil

There was a little surprise on our last weekend in Porto Alegre. On the 20th September they had the Festa Farroupilha, a Parade with Gauchos (Cowboys). Alan brought us to the Parade and showed us around.

We met Alan at the FIFA Fan Fest and afterwards we saw him several times at the Germans Regular Table. Yepp, you heard right, there is a Germans Regular Table in Porto Alegre. And funny wise most of the people are actually Brazilians who speak really good German.

After watching the Parade with the wild and beautiful horses, with proud Gauchos and beautiful costumes we walked to the wooden huts which were totally covered in smoke. Hundreds of huts had big junks of meat on the barbecue and the smell was driving us insane.

For sure we had to get some of this fantastic Churrasco and afterwards we had a hard time walking. We followed some Gaucho-Dance-Competition which seemed to be a mix of Bavarian Dance and Step Dance. It was fantastic to watch. Hours later we arrived back home – happy and a bit tired.

We stayed our last days with Tessa and Jan because Beatriz`s family came for a visit. Great to have helpful people around where we can crush on a bed. Since we overstayed our Visa for a couple of days we had to go to the Policia Federal to sort this out. It was only than that we could buy our bus tickets to Uruguay.

And in Uruguay we are on a mission. On a mission to find a tomb. Curious? Well you will find out more in our coming report. Let’s go to Uruguay.