Manaus - a big city at the Amazonas

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To get to our apartment the taxi driver drove some extra rounds, so we ended up with $ 29 expect of $ 10. Since we didn’t know how close the apartment would be and no information of the price we couldn’t say anything even if we had the feeling he was driving in loops.

The apartment was super and you could tell the western influence of the owner. He is from Finland and normally lives in Texas, USA. With the bus it is only 30 minutes away from Ponta Negra where they had the Fan Fest. But first we went shopping for food and cooked some pasta. After the shower we watched the game on TV and relaxed. It was just nice being in a normal bed again after such a long time in a hammock.

The next day we drove to the Fan Fest but with only about 40 people it lacked on atmosphere. That was the moment when we wanted to go back on our Amazonas boat since we had so much fun and action during the games. After the second game we drove back to our apartment.

We stopped by at this beautifully decorated street with Brazil banners where we have met an older man this morning. And there he was again and totally excited to see us. So he invited us in and we met his family. Luckily the daughter spoke Spanish since we have a hard time to understand Portuguese. The family was so sweet they even gave me a little present.

With this great experience we left Manaus pretty early. Our flight was at 3 o’clock in the night and we had two stop overs. Very nice from the owner to let us stay in the apartment till 11 o’clock before he drove us to the airport and picked up his new clients. Let’s go to Fortaleza.

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Apartment: Rua Doze Casa 15, Lirio Do Vale 2 Manaus, Amazonas Brazil

Contact: Terho Tamminen (/users/show/2450478) +1 817 366 7876 +55 92 8121 9210 
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Comment: Very clean and nice apartment, close to the beach of Ponta Negra.