A farm in Canada

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in Canada

In the visitor center in Grande Prairie we asked the woman about the northern lights. When she couldn’t answer our questions a woman with short hair stepped over. Wondering about her accent she gave us great advices about the northern lights and the surrounding.

Suddenly she asked us if we would like to stay at a farm. Surprised about her invitation we gladly accepted. So we met Verena and her husband who came from Switzerland in late 1970s.

Their little private zoo consisting of two cats, two dogs, one big pig and a few cows was just great. We enjoyed the farm live and especially the great conversations.

It seemed that we knew each other since years and it was just a great time. But than it was time to move on and even if we didn’t find the northern lights, we found new friends.

Traveling further north we made a little stop in the nice city of Dawson Creek. Since we didn’t make it all the way up to Fort St. John we stopped behind a rest area. In the dark we saw the pile of dead dears and elks. The next morning the “Pet Cemetery” was covered in snow.

At Fort St. John we stayed at Lake Charlie to find the northern lights. During the day it was really beautiful and warm so we walked over the big lake to the other side. The first two nights were really clear but unfortunately we didn’t see the northern lights.

The last night the clouds came in and it got so cold that our generator didn’t start the next morning. -26 C (-15 F) was definitely to cold so we had to bring it in the truck camper to warm it up. We bought the generator to heat up our engine heater of the diesel truck but funny when the generator doesn’t want to start either.

After 15 minutes Micha started the generator and plugged in our truck. Waiting for our engine to warm up, our truck camper ran out of battery and we waited without any furnace. Everything is frozen from inside and we got quite cold. -26 C (-15 F) is definitely too cold for us.

So fingers crossed that our truck starts soon.