Vancouver – the city in fog

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in Canada

So finally we arrived in Vancouver and with 7 C (45 F) we almost felt like summer. Unfortunately it was quite wet so we wanted to go back to the snow.

Well you can’t always have what you want so we got in our rain jackets and drove around the Stanley Park. This park is big and you get a beautiful view of the Vancouver skyline.

The next day we took the bus downtown and walked around the city for hours. Actually the Convention Center East, which is built like a boat, is pretty cool. So we watched the water planes come and go and the floating gas station in front of the Stanley Park was really funny.

The old steamclock in Gastown was special and we couldn’t resist to buy some good smoked sausages on Granville Island. Got to say the city isn’t the big shot but definitely its location. Surrounded by water and the mountains just one hour away it is a great place to life.

Still our top city is San Francisco.

Unfortunately we don’t have time to see Vancouver Island or the Sunshine Coast since we are a bit behind our schedule. So we are leaving already for Seattle. Let’s see how it will be this time to cross the border into the States.

Who doesn’t know yet, we have to catch a flight on the 21st February. We will manage a dive resort in Vanuatu for 12 months so South Pacific, we are coming!

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