Santiago de Cuba

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in Cuba

As soon as we touched the ground we felt to arrive in a different world. We got checked properly at the airport since we came from Cannabis-Jamaica and once we stepped out the airport doors we heard the Cuban music. Mario, our taxi driver was waiting with an old car and his cowboy hat.

We changed some money and off we went, through the roads from Santiago de Cuba. We couldn’t stop smiling with all those old cars and houses. Followed bz those special vibes we thought already in shutter speed and aperture.

Arriving at the Casa Particular we took a shower and wandered around the roads. Already after the first impression we liked Santiago de Cuba. We explored the Plaza Cespedes with the beautiful Hotel Casa Grande and strolled along the Calle Seco towards the Plaza de Dolores.

On our way to the famous Cuartel Moncada – where Fidel`s revolution took an important turn - via the Plaza de Marti we found a street fest and decided to come back in the evening. Food stalls, Cuban music and dancing followed us everywhere and the Casa de la Trova gives you a good idea about the Cuban live style with Salsa. It seems that everyone can dance salsa and the older the faster.

Since the Viazul – Public Bus Station – is just opposite the Plaza de la Revolucion we checked out the bus schedule for our next trip. Afterwards we had a glance at the Santa Ifigenia Cemetery. To learn more about the political background we went into La Clandestinidad Museum and the Frank Pais Museum.

Unfortunately everything was in Spanish but in the first museum we found an English speaking guide. The lady from the second museum only spoke Spanish and way to fast but we still got the message.

In Dr. Carballo’s Casa we met Christin from Paris. She is a great help for us since she knows this place very well and speaks Spanish. On New Year’s Eve we got invited to celebrate with the doctor’s family and we enjoyed a Cuban party with a lot of food and salsa. For this fest the Cubans killed a lot of pigs and days before we heard those pigs squeaking from every roof top. Nothing for easy stomachs.

Since Raul Castro is holding a speech in Santiago de Cuba the city will go crazy. Exactly on this day my parents and my sister arrive from Holguin and our adventure can start. Let’s see how they can cope with the heat and this totally different world.

Well with some nice Mojitos and Cuba Libre – which costs nearly nothing ($ 2,50) we can sweeten our life.

Accommodation: Casa Dr. Armando Carballo Fernandez, San Felix (Hartmann)
                         No. 306, e/ Haba (José Miguel Gómez) y Trinidad, Santiago de

Price: Double room, own bathroom $25

Comment: close to Parque Céspedes, very nice terrace, good food