Cienfuegos – the Pearl of Cuba

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in Cuba

Our next stop was Cienfuegos – the so called Pearl of Cuba and supposed to be the cleanest city in Cuba. Since we loved to travel by those old, American cars we organized a big Plymouth to drive to Cienfuegos.

Olga and Eugiene’s Casa was just fantastic. We enjoyed our obligatory Mojito on the beautiful roof terrace before we headed off into town. The neighbor talked to us through his window shields which reminded us of Wilson from Home Improvement.

At the Infocenter they even spoke German and we decided to drive down to the Punto del Gordia in another vehicle which we haven’t tried before – a horse-drawn carriage. We are not talking about a comfortable colonial style carriage, more a wooden creaking thing.

It was fun since we went ways normally tourist don’t go. The Cubans were staring at us and waving like crazy. At the beautifully built Palaco de Valle we enjoyed a cool drink at the roof and back at our Casa we had a fantastic dinner.

The next day we walked around town for nearly 5 hours, had a glimpse into the great Teatro, had a drink at the Nautilus Club and looked at the wooden houses of the Punto del Gordia.

Early morning after a big breakfast we took the transtur bus from the Hotel La Union to Vinales.

Accommodation: Olga y Eugenio, Ave 50 #4109 e/41 y 43, Cienfuegos

Price: Double room, own bathroom $25
          Triple room, own bathroom $35

Comment: close to the Paseo del Prado, really helpful and cute hosts, great
                big relaxing terrace, very clean rooms, a perfect place to stay