Arrival Family

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in Cuba


Sitting in front of the house – the Cuban style - we waited for my family’s arrival. They arrived quite late because of the delayed flight. They couldn’t complain since they got upgraded to First Class.

After a typical Cuban dinner we sent them off to bed to be fresh and relaxed for their first day in Santiago de Cuba. We showed them the city and in the evening we had great seafood and violin music on a roof top restaurant.

Since we liked Santiago de Cuba so much we extended for one night even if this meant to move one time into a different Casa. Gretl, from my parents first Casa helped to book us a Casa Particular in Camagüye and Trinidad. With five people it is not always easy to get one Casa since most of them have only two rooms.

One day we took an old, American Buick and drove to El Morro Fort with a beautiful view over the landscape. The last day we ran into a street Carnival and enjoyed the music.

Than it was time to move on. We couldn’t by bus tickets in advance since half Cuba was travelling because of New Year. But with Gretl’s great advice we got 5 tickets. Just be at the bus station 1 ½ hours before the bus leave and get the “special” tickets for the same price out of a box. So off we went to Camagüey.