Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in Cuba

Ivan, our new landlord, picked us up from the bus station. It was quite a long trip and after 8 hours we were happy to move our legs. The Casa war really beautiful and the garden with rocking chairs invited to relax.

But with the triple room for $ 45 it was pretty expansive. For the laundry we paid a ridiculous high price of $ 15 (should have asked in advance) and for the taxi trip they charged more than the locals.

The city itself had great plazas and beautiful houses. We listened to some Salsa at the Casa de la Trova and tasted real Cuban ice cream. We met a Cuban man in a bar and started chatting. His English was really good and his clothes and watch seemed to be expensive.

He claimed that he was working in Canada and was on home vacation. He even spoke some German since he claimed that he had been there. After one hour he talked about Cuban cigars since he was selling them in Canada. When he wanted to sell us cigars our gut feeling gave us the right signal and we left.

Stupid wise we had told him before that we were leaving tomorrow so after Ivan dropped us off at the bus station, this guy showed up again. Our nice landlord left us at the bus station with the comment that there wouldn’t be a bus at 2 pm but at 2 am.

Well, unfortunately while reading you can’t hear my sarcasm. We have told our landlords from day one that we would take the bus to Trinidad at 2 pm on January the 6th. They knew there is no bus at 2 pm why not telling us earlier. But thanks for dropping us off. We cannot recommend this place since the help we got and the money we paid doesn’t fit.

After arranging a ’52 Chevy with a Mercedes engine and a Toyota transmission we packed some of our bags on the roof railing. We had a great ride and with Mom, Dad and Nici in the back seat it was 4 ½ hours fun ride. So welcome to Trinidad and thanks to the driver.

Accommodation: Hostal Ivan y Lucy, Calle Alegría (Cap. Pacheco) No. 23, 

Price: Double room, own bathroom $25
          Triple room, own bathroom $45

Comment: very nice garden and clean but too expensive (laundry, drinks) and very unpersonal. Read the last three columns of this report and you will know. Cannot recommend to stay there.