Perth - a young city

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in Australia

Since two weeks we are in Perth and haven’t seen it yet. On our last day we decided to stroll around the city and passed the Convention Exhibition Center and where fascinated of so many kakadus at the Swan Bell Tower.

On Hay Street all the business people poured out of there offices cause in Perth you finish working at 5pm. That’s a nice time. And suddenly the bars get packed because you have a drink with your working collegues.

The city is not as big as expected. Perth is young but it feels like a time bulb, a bit like the 80’s.

Australia is quite expencieve and you think twice buying a little piece of cheese for 6 Euro, or a litre of milk for 3.80 Euro. A small pizza is 19 Euro and don’t talk about the beer. You pay about 7 Euro for 0.3 ltr. So we cook pasta on our cooker for the next 3 months.

In the evening we met with Pete in the beautiful Kings Park to take night pictures from Perth.