Walpole and its big trees

Written by Michael Zangerle on . Posted in Australia

The next day we headed south with Pete – towards Walpole. Anke was stuck with her studying so we had to say goodbye. On the way down we met with Cynthia and visited the farm she is picking grapes right now.

Since we started a bit too late – so we need to optimize our planning – we had to camp somewhere in the bush next to a pond. On our first night with the camper we made some funny experiences.

First the cooker wouldn’t work so Micha had to repair it for about 1 hour. Nadine and Pete cutted the mushrooms and onions while drinking a nice red wine but the 3 legged table flipped and all the food ended on the ground. Well mixed with some wine and wood leaves the food was still tasty.

Lucky we had those great sleeping backs from Nepal since the night was really cold. The next morning we found a sunny place for a nice breakfast – fried eggs with baked beans.

High in the tingle trees was the canopy-walkway. The highest point was 40m and Pete was concentrating since he is not so good with heights. The swinging didn’t make it easier. It was really impressive to walk between those giant trees above the ground. Some of the tingle trees had a diameter of 16m. It was just gigantic.

Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to Pete afterwards since he was heading for a wedding. For us it was just time to hit the road...