Great Central Road

Written by Michael Zangerle on . Posted in Australia

Off we go – 1098 km towards Uluru via dirt road.

We stopped counting after 50 damaged cars in the bushes. Somehow we had been the only idiots with a 2W-drive on the Great Central Road.

So we had to practice a bit and get a feeling for the corrugations and dips. If you are too slow, you feel every bump – if you are too fast, you might blew your tires, which are no 4W-drive ones.

Luckily before we left Laverton a 4W-drive dealer gave us the advice to put more air in our tires since we do have only 2W-drive tires. Otherwise we might puncture our tires easily. Therefore we where swimming on the sandy parts.

You could see easily upcoming traffic since there was a massive dirt cloud.

First we stopped in Warburton and the campground was a bit like a fort. High fences, massive spot lights and they where patrolling in the night. We had to get everything in the car otherwise the Aborigines will take it.

Unfortunately the Aborigines in this area have big problems with sniffing petrol so they changed to opal petrol - can’t be sniffed. We already new that it will be quite expensive in the middle of nowhere – AUS $ 2.35/ltr.

Second stop was at the Warakum Roadhouse where we did a nice tour at the Giles weather station the next day.

So we left Western Australia and as soon as we entered the Northern Territory the streets got worse. Our roof rack moved about 40cm back but luckily we realized it quickly.

In Dockers River Community we only stopped for petrol and where happy when we left this place as fast as possible. Here you experience one sad example of Aborigine communities without a future. The streets are littered and the people are hanging around in dirty clothes and angry faces. The petrol station and the shop looks like Fort Knox.

Lets go to the Olgas and the Uluru. And our Mighty Boy brought us there safely.