Ghost Towns - Kookynie and Gwalia

Written by Michael Zangerle on . Posted in Australia

Gold was found all over the country and only a few became rich very quickly. Definitely it was a hard time for all of them. So we visited two ghost towns to get an idea how the people had been living in those mining areas.

In Kookynie there was only one Hotel left from the old times. Signs with pictures and information told you about the other building which had been here. But Gwalia at Leonora you could find some old huts with all the household stuff still in there. It was fascinating, especially the old cars.

To get started for the big trip on the Great Central Road we went to Laverton afterwards. Unfortunately the petrol station is out of petrol so we have to get petrol at the Tjukayirla Roadhouse. Should do. Luckily the also have unleaded and we do not have to make it all the way to Warburton, as the DIA informed us.

Today we have to pack a bit better and tomorrow we are ready for the big adventure.

In 1963 all the people left Gwalia suddenly over night after the mines had been closed. They took only some belongings so you can walk around and get a very good idea of there way of living.