Antigua and its monastries

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in Guatemala

Our transport to Antigua left at 6 o’clock and we were the only one. We dozed a bit on the two hours ride to the city and had a good breakfast at the Café Condesa.

Prepared for a long walk we headed over the cobblestone streets with the colonial buildings. Back in the colonial times the city had 38 churches and is surrounded by 3 volcanoes - Volcano Agua, Volcano Fuego and Volcano Acatenango.

Due to eruptions and earthquakes the city had to move 3 times. The old ruins of the convents weren’t restored and were really interesting. With only one day to go we picked the Monasterio y Convento de Santa Clara.

From Cerro de la Cruz we had a brilliant view upon Antigua with the impressive Volcano Agua towering over it. On the way back to the center we stopped by the market and the bus station.

The big, colourful chicken buses are as good as a photo motive as the Cuban Oldtimers, so I had to stop Michael a bit. On the way back to the Parque Central we strolled over the Artisan Market and headed back to our pick up spot.

At 4 o’clock we drove back to Panajachel to relax after a long day and before school starts (Spanish School). Since my cold got worse and the massive altitude change on the bus ride gave me some troubles with equalizing, I have some ear pains.