Portobello and the handicraft market of Chichicastenango

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in Guatemala

With Domingo (Dominik), our host, Boris (another student) and us went to Portobello, a small beach place with hammocks. The water was cool but really nice. There was a Mayan ceremony which we observed for a bit and afterwards we bought some self made chocolate. With Dominik we practiced our Spanish and got a better overview from the surrounding.

The next weekend we decided to go to the popular Sunday Market in Chichicastenanogo. After a bumpy 2 ½ hours ride on those windy potholed roads we arrived in Chichi. The market was immense and the products they offered where hard to resist. So many beautiful things but no space in our backpack.

So we strolled between the narrow streets of the hundreds of thousands little stands (tiendas) and ended up at the flower market on the steps of the church.

At the food market we took some pictures from the balcony and observed the women in their beautiful clothes. After 5 hours we hopped on the shuttle and drove back the windy roads to San Pedro.

In case you visit Guatemala, the Sunday Market of Chichicastenango should not be missed out.