Copan Ruinas and Macaws

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in Honduras

At the border of Honduras we had to wait a bit on the other side before we could catch a collective. While we waited we had a great conversation with two border controls and two men. Best way to practice Spanish.

One of the man organized us some tourist information and maps of Honduras and even called a hotel in Copan to get us a nice room. In Copan we checked-in and wandered around the beautiful, small, colonial town. 

It reminded us a bit on San Cristobal de las Casas in Mexico just smaller. Preparations for the bit Easter Processions where going on. We followed the artistic work where they create a big carpet of colorful bible pictures, made out of saw dust. 

The next day we checked out the Copan ruins. Since 2011 they are running a breeding and preservation project (supported by the World Parrot Trust and BOSS Orange in collaboration with Macaw Mountain Bird Park and Nature Reserve) to release Macaws back into the wild. Around 30 beautiful macaws where flying above our heads and we enjoyed watching them just sitting on top of a pyramid. 

The interesting hanging nests of the Montezume Oropendola, a black bird with bright yellow tale – where cool to watch. After 6 hours wondering around the ruins, watching the birds and studying the museum we headed back to our hotel. 

After such a long, hot hike we treated ourselves on beer and cheese. Yes, you heard right. We found a nice place where they offered jummy cheese platters. There we met a family from San Pedro de Sula and we had a great conversation with them in Spanish. 

We have to say, we run in a lot of lovely people here in Honduras. Since we want to catch an early bus to Comayagua tomorrow we decided to go to bed early. 

Accommodation: Hotel San Juan, Copan Ruinas 

Price: HNL 300, private room, own bathroom, internet 

Comment: close to the market, very nice people, clean room (just the shower
                 head and curtain needs some scrubbing)