Comayagua and Choluteca

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in Honduras


So up and let’s go to Comayagua. Since everyone seemed to head a different way it was no problem to find a place in the bus. In Comayagua we hoped to see some more Easter Celebration. 

The former capitol of Honduras had a beautiful, colonial center and we strolled from one parquet to another. Unfortunately the main celebration already took place on Friday so we just had missed it. 

Also the colorful, storytelling sawdust was already gone and the city seemed a bit deserted. Still we enjoyed the atmosphere and again run into real nice people where we had some great conversations with. At least we had some smaller processions, a big mess in front of the cathedral and an easter fire.

From the bell tower of the old Cathedral we had a fantastic view over the city and it reminded us on Spain. The old clock is supposed to be over 1000 years old. If this is made in Germany? 

And off we went again towards the Nicaraguan border to the town named Choluteca. Had to look it up at least 20 times. Can’t they use easier city names? 

This city was really eerie not to mention the hotel we found. Well, we wanted to stay close to the bus station and it was either ugly or unpleasant. What to choose, let’s go for the cheaper one. 

And again we seemed to be a curiosity. It’s funny that you just travel a couple of hours and here we have a different dialect again. Not that we have to learn more vocabularies, no we also have to adapt to the different styles. Working on it but it is great fun. Just the heat here is unbearable. 

Accommodation: Hotel Miami, Comayagua 

Price: HNL 350, private room, own bathroom, TV

Comment: just a couple of blocks away from the Parque Central, around the
                  corner of the bus stations and the market

Accommodation: Soldimar Hotel , Choluteca 

Price: HNL 200, private room, own bathroom, TV

Comment: looks shaggy and room is extremely sticky but suits the purpose. Just
                 close to the bus stations