Yah Man, Reggae and Rastafari

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in Jamaica

So finally we jumped on the airplane again and flew to Jamaica. Via Madrid and Miami it took us 26 hours to reach Kingston, Jamaica. At Miami’s airport it was so packed it took us over 3 hours to check through. Luckily we had a 4 hours stop over. Other ones weren’t so lucky and missed their flights.

We checked into the Reggae Hostel, which is really close to Half Way Tree. From there you can easily catch a minibus or bus to get around Kingston. A good start to dive into Jamaica was a visit at the Bob Marley Museum. For US $ 20 we thought it was quite pricy like so many other touristy things in Jamaica.

On the way back the taxi driver watched Shrek on his video screen while driving. On a red traffic light he jumped out and bought himself a Guinness beer. Interesting.

With Joelle, who we met in the guesthouse, we headed to hot springs. Two Rastafaris (King David and Stolla) and a little boy picked us up. While driving the Rasta smoked pot, drank a beer and seemed to have death wishes. He was having a race with his friend and we felt very uncomfortable. Not only that some of those maneuvers where extremely dangerous but there was also this strange noise metal on metal.

I told him that he should take it easy that there is something wrong with the car and that’s when we found out that the differential came off. Luckily we safely made it to the hot springs. There we were followed by a group of people and for sure they wanted to give us a special massage. Yah man, why not.

Afterwards King David and Stolla showed us around Trench Town, where Bob Marley had been living. It is good to go with a local to this area since this is still a big ghetto. In the evening we got free barbecue at the hostel.

On our last day we explored Downtown and the Institute of Jamaica. We got a private tour around the Music Museum and the Rastafari Museum. Our funny guide red every single line on the signs in slow motion and we were happy to leave after 1 ½ hours.

After really good jerk (Jamaican style of grilled meat) in downtown and a nice dinner at King David’s Rastaurant, Michael helped the King to set up his Facebook Account. Tomorrow we are on our way to Port Antonia, up in the north of Jamaica. Let’s get ready.

Accommodation: Reggae Hostel

Price: US $ 35 per room, shared bathroom , breakfast included

Comment: good situated near Half Way Tree Station, nice and helpful staff,     
very clean, all in all a great base in Kingston