Elvis is alive - at least in many hearts

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in USA

Finally in Graceland we wanted to check if Elvis is still alive. And we were not alone. He is dead now since 35 years but not forgotten.

Elvis’ mansion is the second most visited mansion in the USA – the White House is first. So we had a little glimpse into his private life. He is definitely the King with over 1 billion sold albums.

We were really impressed about his beneficial work. He helped out people in need around him and did a lot of fundraising concerts. He never forgot his poor upcoming. Elvis’ twin brother was stillborn and he grew up in south USA

His courage to combine Gospel, Blues and Soul created a new era – the Rock’n Roll. With his energy he reached the crowds and not only the girls went crazy. With his new style he built a bridge between white and black people. He also sang critical songs, saying what he thought about this crazy time - Vietnam War, Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert Kennedy assassinated, walking on the moon….

So he influenced a lot of musicians and still does. Listening to Elvis, we make our way into the west.