Dances with the wolves

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in USA

At the Visitor Center in the Yellowstone National Park we tried to find out about the wolves project and Doug but the Ranger didn’t have too much information. She said there are rangers looking for the wolves and Lamar Valley is the best spot.

Alright, let’s follow the only open road in winter to the Lamar Valley. Most of the park you can’t visit because of the closed roads but therefore you got the park almost to yourself.

Except for the wildlife - and that’s the reason why we are here. It was unbelievable how many herds of bison, mule deers and elks where around. It seemed to be packed with wildlife.

In the Lamar Valley we met Rick and two girls looking for wolves since 7 o’clock this morning. The day before they have found some while eating. Well we didn’t expect to see wolves the first day but Rick got a radio call from Richard and we got in our cars and drove to a small plateau.

Several cars and people where gathering already around spotting scopes and watched over the valley at a hill. Around 2 km away, playing in the snow, where 9 wolves (2 puppies). It was unbelievable to watch them.

Fox and coyote wished a good night and the next morning our truck camper was covered in snow. When we heard about the upcoming snow storm we decided to leave. Before heading off we followed another advice from the girls. Let’s take a bath in the boiling river.

Sitting there in the thermal springs in the middle of the river, surrounded by the snow covered landscape, soft snow flakes falling upon us. This was just mind blowing.

But let’s get better started. The snow storm really hit in and after crazy road and visibility conditions, several accidents witnessed, we left the interstate and parked at a gas station. Luckily we had our generator because the next day - after this crazy, cold night - our diesel truck didn’t want to start.