Brisbane and Surfers Paradise

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in Australia

Following the Sunshine Coast we finally arrived Brisbane. The city with a pop of 1,400,000 people is the third largest of Australia. Still its atmosphere is more of a small city and the good vibes in the south of Brisbane – the area of the University – was really nice.

Next to the University, on the Brisbane River, they had a city beach with lifeguards. It’s great to get some sun after the lectures – or during the lectures, haha. This is really great about Australia. They offer little city beaches, showers, massive playgrounds and picnic-/barbecue areas and all for free. Well with all the sun, sure life takes place outside.

Brisbane seems to be an attraction because around 1000 people settle down every week. The situation close to beautiful beaches and nice National Parks is a bonus. And the flair of the city is just great.

Afterwards we drove down the Gold Coast to have a glimpse at the famous Surfers Paradise but the city with its skyscrapers was actually not our favorite. It changed a lot since Michael has been here last time. So we continued south to Byron Bay where we can stay with Pete’s parents.