Sydney and our Mighty Boy

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in Australia

Christiane, the sister of Nadine’s ex boyfriend from AFCENT – Holland times arranged a nice room in Sydney. Luckily a colleague went for home vacation and rented here room. So we had a beautiful apartment in Manly, 15 km outside of Sydney. Great timing and luck.

Having an apartment made it easy for us to sell the campervan. Still we had the wrong timing about selling our Mighty Boy – wintertime and little tourist – but Micha can sell a fridge to an Eskimo. We were lucky to find the perfect person to take over our precious car for a great deal. Funny wise Berna is from Germany and knows a university colleague of Micha. Here we go again – the world is a village. We enjoyed travelling with our campervan, 16 000 km without any troubles.

After meeting depressed car sellers in a garage (some of them had been there since 9 days) and two days down there we were happy to glimpse something of Sydney. The Opera and the Harbour Bridge were only two things out of plenty which we had seen.

Having different potential buyers for Mighty Boy, Nick from the US was one of them. With him and Christiane we had a great evening in Sydney and then we already had to get ready for New Zealand.

Bye bye Australia – thanks Anke and Pete, thanks Cynthia, we will miss you guys!