Northland – the tip

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in New Zealand

Kaitaia -

In Kataia we just had a quick stop to get some information about Cape Reinga and the Ninty Mile Beach.

Cape Reinga

Meaning “underworld”, we arrived at the northern tip of New Zealand. The Maori believe that the spirit of the dead leave from here for the journey to Hawaika. The beautiful beaches on the way up and the Tasman Sea converging with the Pacific actually gave quite a spiritual experience.

Ninty Mile Beach

Micha was eager to drive on the Ninty Mile Beach but since the tides and the rented campervan didn’t allow it we just had a look at it. And it wasn’t actually so special, just a long, long beach. Climbing up the massive sand dunes which can become up to 143 m high gave us a feeling being in a desert. Funny when you realize you are actually at the ocean.