Northland – Kauri Forest

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in New Zealand

Waipoua Forest

On our way back to Whangarei we visited Tane Mahute - the god of the forest. It is the biggest tree in New Zealand and with its 1500 years this kauri tree is about 51 m high. Pretty impressive and if you listen carefully you don’t here only the wind rushing through the leaves. Next to the four kauri sisters you could find a few other giants in the Waipoua forest.

How small we are and what do we actually know from the world?

Whangarei Heads

After hiking through the forest we drove back to Whangarei because we wanted to dive at the Poor Knights islands. Unfortunately I caught a massive cold and couldn’t equalize. What a bad timing since the tides, water and weather was just perfect – about 30 m vis was expected.

So we decided to spend another day at the Whangarei Heads to see how I would feel the next day. Micha was a bit angry with me since I really wanted to jump into 16 degree cold water, not listening to my body. But the next day I accepted that I had to stay out of the water and we cruised on to Auckland.