Written by Michael Zangerle on . Posted in Malaysia

Our parents left Germany in early May and ended up in Bali, Indonesia. There they enjoyed nine days and made their way to our little paradise.

Finally arrived after hours, they stranded on soft, white beach sun shining in theirs faces. Here they were, on a small wild island, where their kids living for months.

First they had to get used to the asian style non-luxurious version of a bungalow with shower above the toilet. Than they explored the island.

Since we had been three kids now one of us could manage to have off and make their stay special adventurous. Jungle treks or  showing them the underwater world – snorkeling – there was plenty to do. We never imagined, that our mothers Cilli and Rita put their heads under water to look at the colorful fish around theirs legs. They liked it so much that they considered doing a diving course next year. Hahaha, let's see. Who knows?

Father Francis, meanwhile, was not so sure about this snorkel – diving experience. He snorkeled good spirits and had to get used to it.

We did a lot. The first evening was dedicated to Kate's Instructor party. For this, we went to the other side of the island – by water taxi. A delicious buffet and extravagant party was just the start of family vacation.

One of the next days we went to Long Beach to enjoy the best food on the island – Bubus. Everybody was excited. Then we continued the party at Panorama till the early morning hours. Afterwards we went back to grab a water taxi to our island, because Long Beach is on the small island.

Another time we walked through the jungle at night to eat at Tuna Bay. Since the jungle trek was quite humid and exhausting for the elder generation we took the water taxi back in time. Micha stayed a little bit longer.

The last day we took one of our boats and went to a lonely beautiful beach, which we use for confined sessions for diving courses - Tiga Ruang. We splashed in the water and exercised with the snorkel. Hundreds of little fishes swan around our legs and our parents were excited. The beach was only for us.

Back to our usual beach, we made ourselves cozy with cold white wine, nuts and chill out music. In the evening with candles and a cooler full of beer and wine we produced a comfortable atmosphere on the beach under palm trees and a beautiful sky full with stars.

And then the 16 days were already gone. For our parents
Zangerle and Schuster it was about time to head back home. The plane was delayed because of storm warnings over the sea. They had to do some detours, but they have landed safely back in Germany.

On the last day Nadine went over to the clinic because she had diarrhea for 6 days. She was given a drip and all is well again.
A little rest and listening to audio books with Nici had been the medicine.