Written by Michael Zangerle on . Posted in Malaysia

The first few weeks we heard constantly loud noises from the roof. At night, we woke up and knew these are rats. In the rainy season, when no people are around, they come out of the jungle and nest on the roof.

So we set up some traps and every night we catched 2-3 rats. The diving cats were happy because they got fresh meat. In total we caught 21 rats.

I think it is a faster death with the cats eating them than drowning. But sometimes it was quite hard when they look at you with there little black eyes, totally afraid.

Then we had a beautiful green tree snake in our equipment-area. As the locals basically are afraid of snakes, we wanted to save them before they kill it.

So we checked first with Anke whether the snake is poisonous after giving here a good description. It was a harmless one. Unfortunately it was quite aggressive and one of our boatman made loop and we caught it. Stupidly this loop closed but didn’t open up again therefore it was not so easy to get here out of it again..

We felt a bit like Crocodile Dundee, only that we were not as good as him. But after we placed the snake in the jungle we felt really good. Our first snake rescue excursion. There will follow another one - you can bet on it.