Micha and Matias

Written by Michael Zangerle on . Posted in Malaysia

Time is running. This time it is Micha’s birthday, 33 it is now.

Early enough Nadine ordered something for him from Germany but the packages took its time to get through customs. It arrived just in time. After having a nice cake Micha cooked for us.

Friends who did dive with us last season were here again. They brought a very nice present. They brought the  new home jersey of his favorite team in Germany, FC. St. Pauli. He was really happy and my bottle of Flensburger beer from Germany, his favorite beer, came very handy.



IDC Party Matias.

One more PADI instructor... From OWD to OWSI in 6 month! Our Finnish colleague did it and passed the IE. We went over with the whole crew to celebrate with him. We went through the jungle to have a beer or two with him.

Well done Finnish guy!