Written by Michael Zangerle on . Posted in Malaysia

After a really great open water course the two dutch guys wanted to discover the Sugarship Wreck. Only 4 Open Water Dives later they were ready for an Adventure Dive. The current was massive and at the beginning it was a little bit chaotic until the three of them could hide behind the wreck. The wreck is situated between Perhentian Island and the mainland in open sea.

If the current drags you off the wreck it would have been a mug dive – over sandy bottom. But the guys managed to get behind the wreck. Back on the boat they were very excited about the dive. Suddenly our boatman turned the boat on our way back to the dive shop. We were surprised but than we saw it, a big fin coming out of the water. First we thought it must be a big shark but then a sailfish shot out of the water. A couple of times he shot out of the water hunting after fishes.

The sailfish is the fastest fish on earth. It was fantastic to watch. To see a sailfish is something special. During hunting it shoots out of the water swimming into big fish schools. I never dreamt of seeing such a fish.

Even sitting on a boat you can already see special things. Last time two big green turtles were mating and a couple of days ago we watched two yellowmargin triggerfishes with their mating dance. Natural fascination already known on land seems to be so new for us under water. Fascination pure.