Family Schömer

Written by Michael Zangerle on . Posted in Malaysia

On 18 July it was finally the time: four familiar faces rising from the ferry and we embraced each other joyfully. Ursel, Ralf and sweet four-year twin girls Lena and Nicole came to visit us on our little island.

The little house on the beach was just right for the four. With a large terrace and panoramic windows, two bedrooms and one non-Asian compliant, reasonable bathroom, they remained two and a half weeks.

Since we had reached high season and had a few sick Instructors, we had mainly time in the evening. But the family enjoyed the beach thoroughly and the two girls stayed int the ocean the whole day long.

Ursel had bought them fun water inflatable boats and they had hours of fun. Sand castles we stopped counting, so many were built. The best of the holiday came from Lena. They played on the beach and Lena brought a bucket full of sand: “Look Mom, I've found sand." That was hilarious.

In the evening we enjoyed the long talks and the girls played together. First the girls had been a little bit shy having not seen us over a year. But sooner or later that was gone. We showed them Geckoo eggs and two days later was also the gecko already hatched. The island was for the two a great adventure.

Then we showed Ralf and Ursel the underwater world. Welcome to our Office! It was nice to bring them to the most beautiful spots - Temple of the Sea and the Sugar Ship wreck. The last dive, they were even able to enjoy together, while Lena and Nicole stayed with Micha in the dive shop, working on their coloring books.

As a highlight of an evening we drove over to Long Beach.
Micha drove the boat and it was another exciting adventure for everybody.For this night Micha was Lena's and Nicole's hero.

We went to Bubus and enjoyed the food and the evening. Ralf and Ursel invited us and no one could complain about the food. Back on Water Colours-approved beach we had a water pipe as a nightcap.

But time went by very fast and before you knew it, the two and a half weeks were already gone. One last barbecue and great conversations, then the next morning the four left for Kuala Lumpur.

Since Nici, Micha and I need an India visa yes, the four were so kind and taken our passports to the Indian Embassy in KL. We had given them the completed documents and as Ralf was there, they just copied the pass This had to be made in person, ie, we could not submit copies. Not a week later we had the passports back. This feels a lot better, especially if there appears Immigration regularly.

Thanks Family Schömer, we had a great time with you! I still find myself peaking around the corner in the restaurant but you are not there anymore.
We love you very much!