Fred's Beach

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in Vanuatu

After a couple of weeks it was time to have a day off. We decided to stay on the island and walk to the other side – to Fred"s Beach.

We followed the coastline – the orange ribbons ( marker) - for about 40 minutes when we found the two wooden signs pointing inland. Sometimes we lost a bit the sight of the markers but finally we found our way to the beautiful, lonely beach.

For the dogs it was quite an adventure and during low tide we explored a bit the caves. When we went in for some snorkeling Patch tried to swim with us and was so upset that we took our terms in snorkeling.

After a lot of water sessions we enjoyed our lunch and the dogs got some water and dry food. We found a different route back which was shorter but with the wooden ladder not so ideal with the dogs. Passing the American well we got back after 40 minutes.

The dogs where just knocked out after this exciting trip and all the swimming. Finally the dogs went even swimming with us.