Efate Ring Road and Mele Cascades

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in Vanuatu

Since the Efate Island Ring Road Tour was absolutely amazing we will put 45 pictures in the gallery. Hang in there, it is worth the extra minute.

We got invited by our lovely guests John und Laura from New Zealand to drive around Efate. They rented a bungalow at Devil’s Point and a car to cruise around. They picked us up at Gideons Landing. First we drove into Port Vila to buy some food for lunch and dinner.

Than we started off on the Ring Road and stopped at some beaches. The blue holes with their magnifying color were just fantastic. To windy to jump in, we continued to Beachcomber Hot Springs.

We got a bit spoiled from all the fantastic natural hot springs in Idaho so we found us sitting in this warm pool inside a plastic chair restaurant with a cheesy picture of Vanuatu and a plastic dolphin in the background.

After sharing our lunch with a hungry looking dog we continued our trip around the island. At the end we stopped at the Summit with an amazing view over Hideaway Island. The Sandalwood Factory was quite interesting so I bought a refreshing body mist with sandalwood and lime.

We had a great time with John and Laura and staying at their bungalow felt really like vacation. So we did it again. They invited us for another tour to the Mele Cascades.

Here we spent a couple of hours introduced by a very skilled A Capella Band and enjoyed the refreshing water. Afterwards we stopped at the Tanna Coffee Factory and at the Coconut Factory.

We had another great evening with a delicious dinner and a great conversation with John and Laura. Thank you again for this fantastic trip guys.