Pentecost and land diving

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in Vanuatu

A couple of years ago we have seen a documentation in Germany about a tribe jumping from high wooden platforms only ivy attached to their legs. Let’s say the original bungee jumping but it is meant for a good harvest and the body is supposed to touch the ground.

When we came to Vanuatu we found out that this tribe is actually living in Pentecost. So we booked a tour to see the land diving since it is done only in a certain time of the year. Included in the tour was a flight to Epi Island to do some snorkeling at Lemon Bay.

Waiting at the tiny local airport in Port Vila they weighted our luggage (just a bag with snorkel, mask and water) and us. Than our pilot picked us plus 4 more up and we walked outside over the small airfield. We stopped in front of a Cessna with 7 seats.

We put on our life vests and he showed us the small life boat and 1st aid box. Than he advised us for the seats according to our weights and we were all pretty surprised and excited about the small machine. So no fight over the window seat.

Off we went to Pentecost and with music we waited until some more tourists arrived with small airplanes to this tiny airfield. Afterwards they had a welcome dance and with about 40 tourists and over 200 locals we walked over to the wooden tower.

The highest platform was on 18 meters. On the lower platforms the small boys from 6 years jumped into the loose mud. One boy was too afraid to jump and another one had to jump in. Well I wouldn’t have jumped down either.

It was incredible to see but also not without danger. A man got injured when one of the vines snapped at the ankle. Luckily he could still walk. When the last jumper climbed all the way up the sound of the music got louder and we couldn’t believe that he was jumping. It was unbelievable.

After the land diving we went back to our small airplane and hopped in for the next adventure. We flew to Epi Island and Michael just said the only thing he would like to do is to land on a grass field. And here we come; we landed on a small grass strip.

We had a fantastic lunch and then we got brought over to Lemon Bay where we snorkeled with quite a strong current. Next time we bring fins. Looking for dugongs – big sea cows – we snorkeled like crazy and found so cool stuff. Several turtles and a big great barracuda cruised by and just before we wanted to get out off the water I turned around to Michael and this big dugong just came up behind him. Just fantastic.

Flying over those beautiful lush green islands of Vanuatu, with the dugong on our minds, we just couldn’t stop smiling.