Tanna – on top of an active volcano

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in Vanuatu

This trip is worth 50 pictures! 3 minute slideshow and you will know why. This is all real, unbelievable.

So we hopped in another small airplane and flew over the endless ocean to Tanna. On the back of a jeep we drove over a dirt road to our hotel. There we dropped our backs, had a quick lunch and got on the back of the jeep again.

We drove through remote areas, passed some villages and enjoyed the happy people on our way to the volcano. Kids jumped on the road and did some dancing for us. Everybody was waving and it was so exciting.

We finally arrived on the moon landscape. We stopped for some pictures and heard the rumble. It sounded like dark thunder and we just thought “wholly molly, are we really going up on the rim of this active volcano?” While we were thinking and taking pictures, a big pile of ash just shot up in the air.

It was real. So off we went in the jeep closer to the volcano. The driver had fun as well and they had some competition going on. Who can drive the highest loop and so it happened that we got stuck – pretty sideways.

Before we went up I had to mail some postcards since you can find a mail box on the volcano. How cool is this? The toilets up there were funny and worth a picture as well.

And than we finally stood on the rim of this active volcano and looked down in its crater. Every couple of minutes it went off and a lava flow shot up 100 m in the sky. It was impressive and we couldn’t believe it. What an experience, just magic!