Tassiriki - a visit at the village

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in Vanuatu

Another day off and there was another adventure to go. So we decided to visit our village Tassiriki on Moso Island. We prepared our lunch, took the little presents from our customers for the village school with us and off we went. Following the coast line with our dogs we took plenty of pictures and met some fishermen.

In the village we met with Robson, one of our workers. The school and kindergarten is just at the beginning of the village and when those 79 kids saw us coming, everybody stopped and observed us. Then they saw the dogs and became very excited since they haven’t seen so big dogs in their village.

And suddenly we were surrounded by a lot of children. We showed them how to pet Patch and Tanna and both dogs where a bit irritated but really well-behaved. Tanna actually just lay down on the grass and relaxed when countless hands touched him.

Then we met with the principal and gave him our gifts for the school. We wanted to know a bit about their school system and what they would need. Next time when we receive a package of our parents we are going to get some stuff for the school and kindergarten.

At the kindergarten the kids clung to our legs and observed us with their beautiful big eyes. It was a special experience for both sides.

Then Robson showed us around in the village and we met with the nurse and checked out the small clinic. They even did some delivery there but they don’t have the proper sterilization kit so they have to send everything always to Port Vila.

Afterwards Robson took us to the pieces of an old airplane from WWII. Well if he wouldn’t have explained the shattered pieces we probably wouldn’t have recognized it. His grandfather saw it crashing down back than and there are only parts and pieces left.

The chiefs decided to sell some parts of Moso Island and so we went down to the subdivisions - 37 subdivisions, each 1 ha big and about $ 45 000. Some are already sold. Let’s see how this will change the pristine and harmonic island life.

We had a quick lunch at Robson’s place and a nice chat with him and his wife. I even got a present from here – a local dress. Since we still had an hour walk through the jungle we didn’t want to leave to late. The dogs where pretty exhausted and all four of us slept like a log this night.