Independence Day and School trip

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in Vanuatu

Ni-Vans know how to celebrate and instead of one day they start celebrating their Independence Day on the 24th July with the Children’s Day all the way to the 31st July. Everywhere they started building little huts for food and Kava stalls.

Since we were on the island we decided to visit our village Tassiriki and meet up with our village workers. We had excellent food, tried the Kava and saw them dancing until the music had to be switched of since the small generator had to work the lights for the stalls.

It was an interesting experience and we made our way back to the village to hand over some school material we got from our parents a month ago. At the school the school principle gathered the kids and we unpacked our few school materials.

Fascinated about the rainbow bubbles the kids got big eyes and when we handed out balloons to everyone we were surrounded by hundred little hands and excited laughter. We took some fun picture with jumping kids and than we got invited at Robson’s place to eat Laplap.

This was so delicious; we should offer this to our guests. We enjoyed another memorial day in the village. And our dog Tanna was happy for some adventure.